Martial Arts & Self Defense Training for Men, Women and Children

Located right outside of Lancaster in Mountville, PA, Lancaster Family Martial Arts Center offers various types of martial arts and fitness training programs for adults and children. You will find training at LFMAC to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

LFMAC has something for everyone, so get the whole family active and take advantage of our family rates! Contact us to get the full details.

Kids Classes

Our martial arts programs for children are designed to teach self-defense, help them become more physically fit, increase discipline in all aspects of their lives, and generally increase personal development. Classes are conducted in a positive manner and the students are allowed to progress individually. Through our comprehensive programs at LFMAC, your child will have fun and gain a wide range of mental and physical benefits.

Adult Classes

Adult students have several options at LFMAC. Interested in earning a black belt? Consider joining Hapkido, the Korean art of self-defense. You can study Bruce Lee's fighting style in Jeet Kune Do. The Men's Self-defense class combines both Krav Maga and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The Women's Self-defense class addresses situations unique to women. All classes teach a combination of self-defense and fitness.

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